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Grow Inwards 
Mental Health Classes 

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We teach you to be Healthy and Happy 💙

Calm School is PREVENTATIVE mental health education that everyone needs.

As you graduate from Calm School, you are emotionally intelligent, calm and self-aware.

Are you ready to find calm?

The perfect environment for self-growth.

We're a great fit if ...

You want to become a better person and truly understand mental health once and for all.


You missed out on mental health education.


You've been looking for holistic mental support.


You are stressed, anxious or depressed.


You work with people and want to understand humans more.


You want to grow inside as a person.

You will learn...

Mental Health 101

Self - Your mental health, triggers, esteem etc. 

Emotions + Life Experiences - depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, self-esteem

Relationships - parent child, family, attachment, boundaries

& so much more!


“I have anxiety and family issues. This is a very kind environment that made me feel comfortable talking. It prompted me to think more about myself and my emotions in different ways than I have thought of before, and this has helped my emotional and mental growth.”

- KT, age 18

“Here I learned how to sit with my thoughts. Before, I would keep myself distracted and not process my emotions. It was nice to have a chance to self-reflect."

- DC, age 25


Get Started Today

This is a place to ground yourself .

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