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This world is fast-paced and changing.

It's time to grow your mental wellness.

The perfect environment for your inner self- growth!

Calm School is for you if...

You're a professional working with humans.

You've experienced trauma.

You feel depressed, anxious or stressed.

You were never taught about mental health.

This is the blueprint to your self-growth journey!

About May

Calm School was designed by May (MSW, RSW), who is a soul-led trauma mental health specialist. Her energy and presence will positively influence you to be happy, healthy and authentically you!

At age 7, May first had an experience of trauma which continued to impact her mood, thoughts and sense of self negatively. It was years until May would find the guidance because of the lack of mental health education available.

May has battled mental health crises in Canada for 10+years, and her mission is now about prevention.

May has made significant contributions in private, public and non-profit sectors, helping thousands of people with homelessness, family violence, human trafficking, substance use, unemployment, resettlement, etc.

She is part of the National counselling team at a major telecom company, with persistent client satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Calm School is May's passion project to fill the gap in mental health literacy and emotional intellgience around the world.

Grow Inwards... Begin your inner journey today!

Online Course


Weekly Classes (4x75min)


If you are an Ontario, Canada resident, these services may be covered by your insurance benefits.

It's 2024, we are living through precarious times. You may notice yourself or others feeling stressed, depressed, and anxious. We are bombarded with information, responsibilities, and many of us have not processed our childhood and traumas. As a result, people find it hard to focus, sleep, stay present and experience physical impact of mental stress.

Calm School will teach you how to help yourself, become conscious and self-aware, so that you can live in the present moment as healthy and happy as possible.

Now is your time to grow as a person.

It is imperative moving forward that you understand your mental health.

If you do not understand your own self, it will be difficult to navigate through the world.

You might feel lost, confused and feel behind with others.

Calm School fills in the gap in your knowledge to prepare the best version of you.

⭐Don't know where to start with your mental health?

⭐Family and friends saying you need to look inwards and grow?

⭐Feeling tense, overwhelmed with your mental health?

⭐Coping with substance, emotional eating, codependent relationships etc.

⭐Looking for a safe space to learn everything and get your questions answered?

After Calm School you can become a calm, conscious, self-aware person with high mental health literacy.

Live Classes

💙 Embodied Learning 💙

Healing happens when you show up and express yourself.

When you upgrade, you have personal access to your instructor, worksheets, daily practices and discussions with your peers.

It's so worth it!

Show Up- Show up to your growth and allow yourself to be a part of a group.

Self-Expression - Practice expressing your thoughts and feelings to others in a safe space.

Empathy- Learn from each other's stories and offer help to each other.

NOTE- This is not group therapy.These are mental health education classes.

Ready to invest in yourself?



online course

  • Learn at your own pace!
  • Instant Access to video course.
  • Self-reflect in online class forum.

Live Class


4 classes

  • Fully show up for yourself and embody the self-growth.
  • Video course (Instant access)
  • Drop-in classes
  • Ask all your questions
  • Experience healing from sharing with others!



Mental health approach that actually helps long term.


Reduces % of chronic social issues like

depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, substance use, family conflict, crime, self-esteem.


References CBT, DBT, IFS, Mindfulness approaches. Applicable to your life right away.

What You'll Learn


- The BEST way to view mental health

- 10+ practical ways to improve your mental state TODAY.


- How to deal with trauma and let go of the past!

- How to feel your emotions, and what happens if you don't!

- What is substance use, depression, anxiety, burn out and self-esteem issues?


- How to improve your triggers, mood swings, thoughts and fears

- Inner self-growth - Inner child work, Inner teen work.


- How to have conscious relationship

- FIVE ways to improve your relationships!

- Your attachment styles

- family, parent-child relationships

- Communication

- Boundaries

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Don't believe us, believe them!

Being a minority, and single mother who has suffered from anxiety & depression, I have found Calm School's approach to mental health very useful in everyday life.

RM, age 31

Here I learned how to sit with my thoughts. Before, I would keep myself distracted and not process my emotions. It was nice to have a chance to self-reflect.

DC, age 25

I would recommend Calm School to anyone who instructs, teaches or supports young people in any way. As a mother a four myself who grew up in the GTA, I am aware how much a program like this would’ve helped myself and my fellow peers at the time better navigate our way through transitioning into adult life.

ES, Mother of 4, Holistic Birth Doula

I have anxiety and family issues. This is a very kind environment that made me feel comfortable talking. It prompted me to think more about myself and my emotions in different ways than I have thought of before, and this has helped my emotional and mental growth.

KT, age 18

Calm School is a great option for mental health education. May is passionate, educated, and very easy to relate to. May goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure a comfortable journey through self-awareness and mental wellness. Her confidence and dedication will leave you wishing life had connected you sooner.

KU, age 27

May has genuine dedication, compassion and expertise in the space. She definitely brings something fresh and relatable for us to learn and integrate. I look forward to a school system with Calm School programming to support my children academically but also as a well-rounded individual."

MC. age 34

What are you waiting for?


Is this group therapy?

No, Calm School is not therapy. It is mental health education. It's a place to learn and increase your mental health literacy. However, it is not a place to elaborate on personal experiences in detail and receive in-depth help to process it.

What is the structure of the class?

You have access to 4 virtual classes each month. It's okay if you miss or arrive late/leave early, as this is a flexible learning environment for you. However there is no rescheduling. Camera is optional. Instructor will teach the material. you will practice a calming activity as a group, then get into discussion. Optional homework is also assigned.

I want to attend but money is a barrier. Is there help for this?

Yes, sometimes generous donors donate some seats or subsidized seats. Please email us.

Is this covered by insurance?

Yes only for Ontario, Canada residents who have coverage for MSW, Counselling, Social Worker, etc. Please contact us for insurance receipt.

What's the difference between this and 1:1 therapy?

Calm School is a great compliment with 1:1 therapy. At Calm School you can focus on learning all the concepts that are relevant to our mental health, and 1:1 therapy allows you to process in-depth what you've been through and release that.

Are there refunds?

No there are no refunds. This policy allows us to uphold the quality support we offer. Please ensure this program feels aligned to you prior to signing up. Please contact us if you have any questions deciding.

What if I miss a class?

It's okay if you miss a class - this is a flexible learning environment for you. However there is no rescheduling as each month is a new cohort. Great news is you have access to video content, which means you will not miss out on the wisdom.


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